Chiropractic Orientation 

Most Monday evenings at 6:15, Dr. Paula gives a 45-minute talk to introduce people to a different kind of chiropractic practice. We believe that, regardless of any medical problems you may have, getting your spine checked on a regular basis is simply a good thing and is an essential part of keeping your body performing at its optimum.

Our goal is to introduce you to a different way of thinking about your health and the way your body is meant to function. But, we also know that you live in a busy world, and most people have very little time to fill with lectures and presentations, especially if they think somebody might give them a hard sell (we won't). So, frankly, we'll bribe you to come:

         Everyone that attends gets their first visit, including the adjustment, entirely free.
                             --just schedule that first visit in the two weeks following the talk.

Because you'll find that our focus is not on treating your musculoskeletal aches and pains (spoiler: it's about long-term nerve system health and maximizing the performance of your body), we let you test drive the practice without paying a penny.

The Orientation is held in our office, at 223 West State Street. Seating is limited, so please RSVP by using the contact form below, or by telephoning 955-7277

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Date you'd like to attend: